Caribo Community
Development Corporation


Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Housing At Caribo Community Development Corporation, our mission is clear: to leverage the power of housing to create thriving communities. Our projects aim to provide innovative, sustainable, and affordable housing solutions in more than just places to live. Caribo Community Development Corporation will provide training in financial literacy, job readiness, and credit repair. Together we grow and this initiative is designed to foster security, well-being, and prosperity for every individual and family we serve in our community. “Our vision is a world where every person has access to affordable housing that nurtures growth and success,” said Ohunwa Carthan, CEO of Caribo Community Development Corporation. “This new development is a cornerstone in our strategy to transform housing accessibility and ensure every community member can enjoy a stable and fulfilling life.” Through strategic partnerships and community involvement, we ensure our projects not only meet the immediate needs but also contribute to the long-term prosperity of the communities we serve.